Even though American Standard toilet seats are not made in Canada or have anything ‘standard’ about them per se. In retrospect that is a good thing for you and me, the customers. The fact that they are made abroad allows them to be made for and subsequently sold at a cheaper rate. Due to the technology involved in the production of these products and the way that they are designed it is difficult for the spare parts of any other manufacturer to stand in for a genuine replacement part and vice-versa.

Our Story

In about 1992, we had a son who was still living with us and we also were fortunate enough to have a baby, and we were desperate to do improvements to our living area. We needed to extend it, and we finally came to the conclusion that we needed an extension. My business was at the time doing good and the construction was going to cost us about $54,000. The objective was to find the best available construction company. I thought I had this one sewed up as I chose someone who was a member of my sports club. That was my blunder.

I was seriously let down as I did not get what was promised. However, a fella with a blow torch, a monkey wrench and a few bits of copper pipe turned up. He really saved the day and his work was excellent. Not only this, he was also polite and very professional.

If there’s anything at all I can take out of the experience, it would be to spend a bit of time finding an experienced plumber close to you. Lucky for you, there are 3 things you can do to make sure you do not face the problems that I did.

Hire A Professional

First, don’t manage it all on your own. This is especially crucial when considering plumbing technicians. If you don’t have experience with hiring tradespeople and firing them, you shouldn’t try to do this yourself.

Second, do the research. Which means consult people in your area or in the bars that you frequent. Don’t forget to ask co-workers and family members too. They may inform you where to go to find good workmen.

Last, always get several price quotes from possible plumbers. Do not simply go with the lowest quotation because this isn’t always the best action to take. Plus, it may lead to something dreadful. If you do the research and get a few price quotes, you will be ok.

American Standard Dealers

While American Standard’s catalog of products is as varied as any other toilet manufacturers’ when it comes to size, style, color and design what sets them apart is the fact that their products are of consistently high quality than what is sold by the competition. The innovative features that they include with every product range also go a long way in setting them apart from the competition. Features like the ‘soft close’ hinges which will prevent the toilet lid from making that loud annoying noise if you let it down without being a tab bit too gentle.

It is however possible to find toilet units made by other brands to which you can fit a toilet seat which has been manufactured by American Standard. Like all companies selling sanitary ware, American Standard has assigned a variety of names to their range of toilet seats and it can be useful to know what they are before you go out to buy your toilet seat. The elongated toilet seats, for example go by the Bemis moniker while the ‘Rise and Shine’ is the name assigned to the standard sized seats. That is the thing with American Standard really; you can find a toilet seat in any finish or size for pretty much every toilet ever manufactured by American Standard. Wood finishes are quite popular his season!

As you can likely see from this article, the range of seats that can be purchased is quite extensive. Finding the best loo seat for your bathroom is no longer a tricky task and can be sorted out easily if you visit some of the online retailers such as Amazon and the like. They offer a huge range of seats and the shipping is often free. Not a bad way to buy and you get your product quickly and without fuss.

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