One of the greatest online media issues any service oriented company needs to resolve, is to first attain leading search positions. The other issue is to keep those positions. In the dog eat dog world of home services, media dependence is more the standard than most like to believe. A good example of that would be a large city like Vancouver.

Search engine optimization has ended up being the new Yellow Pages, and getting found on page one is equivalent to one of the old quarter page or half page ads in the Yellow Pages. The top three positions on page one in search are the coveted spots where over 60% of all searches wind up in a click through and visit to the website.

Traffic VS ROI

When you are getting a majority of the traffic in your specific niche, possibilities are good that the phone will ring and new business will certainly follow. Regrettably that is not always the case. Nowadays there are a lot of competitors with aesthetically appealing sites, so it is very important to make an immediate impression.

People have become familiar with higher levels of professionalism when searching for any service business now. They expect to be impressed by something in the first few seconds, otherwise they will back out and keep searching. They are trying to find something that will evoke trust, quality, experience … things designed to sway them to call you instead of a competitor.

There are a number of obvious factors when it comes to making a favorable impression with a potential customer. The visual appeal of a web site is essential, however if there are too many graphics then you may lose them with an absence of content. Balance is important if you wish to make a great first impression. Things like a description of experience and achievements in the field will help. Even better, discuss what a customer will get when employing you for service work. They need to know what’s in it for them.

Expert Associations You Belong To

SEO solutionsGraphics and icons from professional associations you belong to can be connected from your website to the specific profile. This helps evoke trust and reveals a level of commitment on your end. The BBB is a fine example of that. Have someone call your local BBB rep and request their tracking code to your membership profile. Then send that code to your web designer so people can click from your site to your BBB profile.

Your Reputation Online

Another conversion element is the online track record of your company. When people have time to research the service they are interested in, they will look for online opinions. They want to see exactly what other individuals have to say about their experience with your service. This is a kind of social proof that we all make use of to help make decisions, because we are too busy to go into substantial research on everything we need to handle day to day.

Reality: Few individuals will willingly write reviews on purchases. We are all consumers living in a world packed with options. Do you go around writing reviews on everything you purchase? Obviously not, so why would anyone expect their clients to do that. What really inspires someone to post a testimonial is when they feel like they were dealt with badly or swindled. Then watch out!

A Few Reputation Marketing Tips

Online testimonials have really helped raise the level of client service in some industries. Google most likely understood this when they chose to include reviews as a ranking signal for search. If your business is not asking for testimonials then we recommend that you consider doing that. Everybody gets the occasional bad testimonial and that’s normal. The thing you should do is get as many positive reviews as possible, so when leads are taking a look at your review profile they see a balance of good and not so great. That will in fact look more natural than 5 star reviews on everything. A phony reviews profile is practically as bad as a lots of complaints.

To wrap things up, of the SEO elements discussed in this post, the most vital is reputation. You do not require top search positions to get traffic… that can be done with paid marketing. You do require a good track record though. People will search for your company name and add reviews or reputation behind the name as a search phrase to see exactly what others have to say. Good work helps, but a good track record will win the day.