Photo Fusion Productions is an information resource for webmasters who need a little help with their site. Search engine optimization is a huge puzzle and graphics play a big part in helping get better rankings online. One of the most important factors for getting new business is to entice a prospect to buy from you and not a competitor.

The way your website looks plays an important role in getting higher conversion rates and making the till ring. Every business needs a steady stream of fresh business for growth. Most of us know that word of mouth is th4e greatest form of advertising, but it only goes so far. Good advertising with tools like Pay Per Click, digital display ads, and high search positions will drive traffic to your site, but a boring website will not make the phone ring.

Your website must be attractive. It needs to capture the visitors attention, otherwise they will continue their research, and you will not get the sale. A visually appealing website will accomplish a number of things. First, it will keep your visitor onsite longer, which will in turn improve your time spent onsite metrics. Second, it can help people click through into your inner pages which will improve the bounce rate. Third, it will make your site more interesting which should encourage people to buy from you.

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